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To gather more insight on the possible impacts of poverty on education, we took to sending questionnaires to adults from many different parts of the country (Kenya) to see the impact their familial wealth or lack there of had on their later academic achievement, among many other questions. 

Multiple conclusions can be made from the data we collected. For one, majority of people (54.3%) agree that their socioeconomic level affected their academic success. This shows that it is wide spread knowledge that no matter the intellect or academic ability, wealth still affects how one performs in their final exams. This may be due to factors like amount of financial support at home or quality of school, both of which we investigated through our firsthand experiences. 


We can also conclude that the public generally thinks that the government needs to do more to make school more accessible for the poor. Not only does a whopping 72.9% of respondents have classmates that could not attend school because of funding, but the majority of respondents agree that they would have performed better if they were in a better school. Hence, the government spending more effort to ensure a more fair distribution of quality education will agreably make a great difference in the Kenyan society.

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