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Meet Anisi

Meet Juliana


As we have come to the end of our presentation, we are now going to compare and contrast the day to day lives of our two main subjects, Anisi and Juliana and come to a fair conclusion on the impact of poverty on educational achievement. To begin with, the home and learning environment of these students was very different. Anisi lives quite a very luxurious lifestyle and Juliana’s is extremely low income.


 At home, Juliana’s bedroom did not have efficient lighting which she stated does affect her when trying to do her homework and revision while Anisi has multiple areas to do her schoolwork. Juliana’s room also does have a ‘jiko’ for cooking which is a health hazard as she can get carbon monoxide poisoning or her room could burn due to sleeping with the fire on. This of course does limit her levels of achievement as compared to Anisi.


Additionally, Juliana walks to and from school everyday while Anisi is driven, where it is safer for her during harsh weather conditions and it is faster,saving on time and energy. By the time Juliana gets to school after a long walk,she could be very tired and late. Being a young girl as well,it can also be dangerous for her to be walking alone.


Anisi’s parents are able to afford extra facilities for Anisi like revision books, tutors,laptops etc which would contribute to her getting more opportunities to achieve more academically whereas Juliana’s parents worry more about putting food on the table everyday. 

Juliana’s parents stated that school fees was a big financial burden and sometimes they would sell some of their items like phones to afford school fees for Juliana. Lack of school fees of course means that Juliana is not able to go to school sometimes which leaves her behind of the class and eventually,achieving less content academically. 

Despite their differences, both of their parents do wish that Juliana and Anisi can be successful.

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