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Braeside vs Olepolos: Learning Environment


Braeside vs Olepolos: Headteacher's Insight

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To begin with the differences between the facilities, as you can see, braeside offers several facilities such as a library, science labs, computer labs, Food and Nutrition labs and there is the use of laptops and devices in class such as televisions. This makes research as well as learning more effective thus advancing the students that attend the school. 


Additionally, Braeside does offer transportation services, at a cost, therefore all students are safely transported to and from school in any case personal transportation is not available. In Olepolos, transportation is not available and students have to walk to and from school every day (as we got to walk with Juliana). This puts them at risk of injuries, kidnapping and fatigue. 


Moreover, Braeside has several classrooms that can accommodate several students without the issue of crowding in one classroom. In Olepolos, several students were in one classroom, being attended to by one teacher that even some had no desks and had to share. This influences educational achievement as many students do not have a proper learning environment as they lack proper working spaces and interaction with the teacher is limited.


The washrooms of Braeside are also cleaner as compared to the ones in Ole polos. Cleaner washrooms decrease the risk of getting sick. Waste materials should also be far away from the school and should be closed and secured. Having it exposed like in Olepolos can increase the risk of Cholera disease spreading. Sick students would not be able to learn effectively, therefore decreasing their educational achievement. 


In addition, the sporting facilities in Braeside are far more equipped than in Olepolos. Braeside offers a range of sports such as football, basketball, netball, athletics, swimming, hockey and rounders. The field is also filled with grass making it less risky to injuries. The field in Olepolos is covered in soil which is a high injury risk. Furthermore, more exposure to sports can lead to sports scholarships, meaning that they have a high chance of receiving bursaries to further their education. Lack of this affects the students that do not have access to sports.

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